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Wilderness And Remote Emergency Situations. Who is Elkland Search and Rescue?

Elkland Search and Rescue is an emergency response team who are trained in wilderness and remote emergency situations. We are a 35+ member strong team of dedicated individuals who train and strive to be proficient at outdoor emergency situations.

Wilderness And Remote Emergency Situations, Elkland Search and Rescue (SAR) members are trained as a QRS Service, providing a wilderness medical response team that is trained to remove individuals that have been involved in accidents at remote locations. The situations might include ATV accidents, horse back riders, hikers, loggers, hunters, canoeists, and gas well employees to name a few.

Elkland SAR members are trained in all wilderness search and rescue applications. Elkland SAR is a NIMS Level II wilderness search and rescue response team. Elkland SAR team members are trained in many divisions of search. Those include outdoor enthusiasts, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, mentally ill individuals, and despondent. Elkland Search and Rescue can also be called as consultants for families who have individuals missing from their family.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Elkland Search and Rescue Association, Inc. is to locate, medically stabilize and evacuate people who are lost, trapped, stranded or missing in all types of weather and terrain. Victims might include elderly persons who wander away from their residences or health care facilities, children and people involved in accidents, manmade or natural disasters.

We will act as a 24-hour a day emergency resource to the community. Our team will provide trained search and rescue personnel and other related resources to federal, state, and local authorities as well as private individuals, free of charge, in an attempt to safeguard and save lives.