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Rescue Training

Since the Fall of 2014, Elkland Search and Rescue training has been working to improve our Incident Command functionality. We have been running multiple drills and table top scenarios to improve our skills. Part of becoming more proficient also includes working with the Elk County Emergency Management Task Force Communications trailer and making sure all of the equipment interacts between the Elkland SAR Mobile Command Vehicle and the Communications Trailer. On February 22 of 2015, Elkland Search and Rescue training members spent the day working with Mike McAllister of the Elk County Emergency Management 911 Center making sure that everything was interoperable. That day also included using table top exercises to teach Elkland members how the trailer equipment works and how to use the equipment to deal with an emergency situation. We would like to thank Mike for spending the day with us and look forward to being able to use the equipment to help deal with an emergency situation!

Members have taken ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800 training.

Koester Dementia Training

Aug., 2017

In August 2017, four members of Elkland SAR traveled to the UPMC Aging Institute at Passavent Hospital near McCandless for a seminar by Robert Koester, author of Lost Person Behavior. The seminar covered dementia and Alzheimer’s situations.

Parker Dam Training

Oct. 2017

In October 2017, members of Elkland SAR spent a weekend at Parker Dam State Park doing training and building fellowship. Training scenarios included clue awareness, man tracking, patient care, patient handling, wilderness extraction, Project Lifesaver Training, Transponder Locating, working around water, mapping software, searching, ATV awareness and team building.

Parker Dam Training

Oct. 2017

In October 2017, members of Elkland SAR spent 3 days training with the Elk Co Sheriff and his deputies along with members of LIFT. The training involved the history of Project Lifesaver, info about cognitive conditions for which the equipment is used and hands on searches with the radio receiver.

Advanced Logger Rescue Training

Oct. 1, 2017

Training for logger accidents and how to handle them. Conducted at Elkland SAR through the PA State Fire Academy. Instructor was Dana Hickley from Logger Rescue LLC.

Attended by Elkland SAR members, firemen from St. Marys, Kersey and Johnsonburg, Mountaineer SAR and ten loggers.